Indoor Effects

CONFETTI AND STREAMERS have long been associated with celebration and represent a new visual component in indoor special effects field. We offer both a superior range of colours and shapes of confetti and streamers. Our confetti types are non-flammable. We can provide samples. Our confetti is specially treated to avoid clumping, and therefore giving you the best value.

We provide the following delivery systems:

One Shot Disposable Cannons
These are gas fired tubes containing confetti or streamers which are shot out by the gas. No permits required,suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Confetti Dropper - The most powerful in Europe
These are suitable for use on stage or other situations where there is overhead support. The Confetti Dropper will hold enough confetti for three minutes of confetti dropping. Confetti colours may be changed during the drop. It can be switched on and off so it can be used for a number of performances before it has to be reloaded.

We also offer the realization of stage pyrotechnics, interior fire, stage pyrotechnic effects, Air Burst etc.