Our staff have been working with all different sort of smoke machines for a decade, including installation procedures in movie locations, theatres or clubs. We have extensive knowledge of smoke machines technology, fog related special effects products and pyrotechnics.

All our smoke machines generate a perfectly safe, white, non-toxic fog.

At our business, we distinguish between all different sorts of smoke effects - e.g. white smoke, black smoke, heavy smoke (ground level fog), coloured smoke etc. To make smoke as credible as possible we use different types of indoor and outdoor smoke machines to fit in particular venues - smoke/fog in a forest environment, atmospheric smoke in a restaurant (so called Sun beam smoke effect), chimney smoke, blue - fireplace smoke, black smoke after explosion etc.

Machines which we use are made by the top manufacturers - among our favourite brands are Citc, Colt, Artem, Jem, Rosco, Le Maitre, Look etc.